Milan Grünewald: Kamera & Schnitt
Aufnahme einer Wohltätigkeitsveranstaltung auf der Kölner Domplatte


„ETRE FORT POUR ETRE UTILE“ – Be strong to be useful. Every Traceur knows how deeply the idea of using one’s mental & physical strength to help people around oneself is rooted in Parkour history.
IN JAPAN, earthquakes, tsunamis & on top of all that a growing threat of a nuclear desaster have made the archipel a crisis zone in urgent need for external help.

WE TRACEURS, have been drilling our physical & mental capabilities for years or even decades, and yet many of us use these skills rarely to really BE USEFUL.

In cologne we collected 596,58 Euro for the Japanese Red Cross.

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Music by Icon Girl Pistols